Triathlon Packages

The Triathlon Packages include weekly training programmes which are suitable for all abilities; from beginners wanting to try their first triathlon to more experienced athletes looking to reach a longer distance or qualify for specific races.

Silver Package

£60 per month – Coached by Sophie or Anna

  • Initial consultation by phone, Skype or in person.
  • Test week.
  • Weekly session plans (set through the online training app).
  • Injury prevention strength programme.
  • One phone call a week/unlimited emails.
  • General racing advice.

Gold Package

£90 per month – Coached by Sophie or Anna (with Emma Gage)

  • Initial consultation by phone, Skype or in person.
  • Test week in both strength and triathlon disciplines.
  • Weekly session plans.
  • Strength programme is designed by our strength and conditioning coach, Emma Gage. This bespoke weekly strength programme enhances your triathlon performance. It is linked to your triathlon programme implemented by Sophie to optimise your training potential.
  • Unlimited phone calls/emails.
  • Advice relating to racing and race plans.

Push yourself a bit further…


Running Technique, Strength and Fitness Sessions

These sessions are done in a group environment.  The 1-hour session is split into 3 parts;

1. Mobility and strength

2. Technique and drills

3. Fitness

All of which are aimed at improving your overall efficiency and running speed. Running technique sessions are an essential step to develop improved movement patterns, become more efficient and even smash your PB.


Triathlon Focused Swimming Technique Sessions

These sessions are done in a group environment with 2 qualified triathlon coaches. Sessions are based on 6 weeks blocks.

Throughout the 6 week block, we aim to improve all aspects of your swimming. Including;

1. Front crawl stroke (including your kick)

2. Underwater pull

3. Overarm phase

4. Rotation of the body.

All of these areas play a massive part of your stroke and if not correct will affect your overall efficiency. If your efficiency is lacking, you will end up using far too much energy and slow yourself down.

Within the 6 weeks, we also spend a lot of time working on open water skills. Improving these skills in a swimming pool will give you the confidence and skills to swim outside in lakes, rivers and the sea. Which some times can be very daunting.


Running Gate Analysis – £30 per session – Session run by Sophie

A poor running technique is a common causing factor for many injury types. It can also be the root cause of what is holding you back from running to the level of your true potential.

If you are a runner who is keen to reduce injuries, run more efficiently and maximise your speed then gait analysis is the answer. Learning the correct technique will increase your efficiency, lower your risk of injury and increase your speed. You’re never too young, old or advanced to learn the correct way to run.


Swim Analysis – £55 per session – Session run by Sophie

SW Sports Performance has access to a swimming pool with video analysis in which the pool works the same way as a running machine – you swim on the spot. Studying video analysis is a helpful method which allows us to examine how you swim in all phases of the front crawl and stroke – so we can see where improvements can be made.

This session is designed to help you with areas that may be a struggle and improve your overall technique. To get the most out of this one-hour session, we recommend that you make time to work on the improvements that we instruct in the session.

We can provide 30-minute follow-up sessions which work particularly well as a monthly recap to further improve swimming development. The Swim Analysis is available as a 1:1 or 2:1 session.

If you would like to know more about SW Sports Performance, please call 07837 962 778 or fill out the enquiry form below.